Monday, August 23, 2010

Wiksten Dress Pattern


I made this dress with Liberty fabric I bought in London this past spring. The pattern is Jenny Gordy's (Wiksten). The instructions were clear and very easy to work with. It's a fun pattern that you can whip up a dress from in an afternoon.
If I make another dress from this pattern, I'd probably lengthen it a bit for modesty (I have a long waist which tends to make shift dresses more like tunics on me) and omit the pocket (not a criticism, just personal preference).

It was hot when I took these. I wanted to stand in the shade. I may try to take some other, less shadowy shots later.

Worn with Tina Petra's necklace that a special someone gave me. Sad he will be traveling apart from me for a bit. I hate it when he's gone.


Kelley said...

Your version looks awesome, I love that print! Now I'm really wishing I would have bought the pattern.

CC Taylor said...

I love the print you chose. You did a great job.

Claire said...

Even in the shade, this photos are beautiful!... This simple dress with this fabulous liberty suits you very well! And with your green stairs and the red chair, it's perfect!

cheryl cambras said...

Really beautiful, Jennifer! And that necklace is stunning.

Megan Taylor said...

You embody spring, summer!

Heather Taylor said...

so beautiful! loved seeing you last night