Sunday, August 8, 2010

Obsession: Modaspia, Judah Ross & Twentyfive


Above and below: the Modaspia Fiji Dress


Below: Modaspia for Twentyfive French Summer Weight Tee



Detail shots of the fabrics:




Shoes worn throughout: Rachel Comey from Beklina

A while back I purchased the Floral Fiji Dress from Ursula Dean of Modaspia. I meant to post about it earlier, but you know how that goes! I have to say I Love this dress. I wish I could own it in every color & fabric that Ursula uses, and let me tell you, the fabric she uses is of very high quality. Much of the time I feel I look rather mannish, but this dress makes me feel very feminine. It hugs your curves in the most flattering way.

I bought this Fiji dress for a friend as a gift, and Ursula and I traded for the French Tee! Come on people: this is the perfect striped tee! For $40 bucks you get Great fabric (organic cotton), a perfect fit- just long enough in the body, bracelet length sleeves, slim-fitting but not too tight. Not to mention you get to support an independent designer!

Both the dress and tee are shown in a size small above.

Twentyfive is the limited edition line that Ursula and her good friend Oami Powers of Judah Ross are collaborating on together. Oami is a brilliant designer as well, and makes the most fabulous prints. I'm still lusting after this pillow pictured below:


Photo courtesy of Oami Powers/ Judah Ross for Twentyfive


Claire said...

Oh yes, this dress is gorgeous... The design is so feminine... And this is perfect for you but I think this is a gift for a friend!... Lucky girl!

Ritva said...

hi jennifer,
it´s perfect on you!
and great shoes too :)


Amber said...

Uh-huh, the French Tee is awesome. I love the simplicity of Ursula's designs. They are so easy to wear. Hey, I know a band that needs a bass player....

P R I M O E Z A said...

these look great on you! i've got my eye on the new top ursula's working on.

oami said...

Thanks Jennifer! you know the admiration is mutual...LOVE the marker print.

Jennifer said...

Clare, yes, the Jade Green dress was a gift- and it fit my friend perfectly (whew!). This design is so flattering, and comfortable.

Ritva, Hello. Thank-you!!

Amber- RE: French Tee & Ursula's designs- agreed. You know I don't really know how to play. I'm a big poseur (I get sick of just standing there in photos).

Elizabeth, thanks...her stuff for Spring '11 is looking so great.

Oami, wow, thank-you!!!