Friday, August 13, 2010

Bouilles de Coton


Above: All Photos courtesy of Claire Dupont/ Bouilles de Coton

: En Francais!

Claire Dupont is a blogger and amazing seamstress who lives in France. I've been reading her blog for a while now; she makes beautiful clothing and toys - often out of Liberty or Nani Iro fabric. I'm completely inspired by her. I love the way she interprets sewing patterns- using interesting prints and color combinations. Claire, like myself, is also a nurse! I was honored when she purchased one of my Summer 2010 Frayed-Edge Blouses. There are still a couple in the shop on sale!

Merci, Claire!!!


Claire said...

Waouh!... It's a great honor for me to have a post on your blog!!! Thank you Jennifer... I think I'm going to sell clothes for women too, thanks to you!... I begin to think about this plan...

Claire said...

I forgot...
With pleasure Jennifer!

Jennifer said...

Clarie, you should definitely do it (make & sell women's clothing). I would buy something you made in a heartbeat!
It was hard for me to choose which photos of your creations to feature on my blog (I've actually been meaning to post about you for a while) all of your work so much!

Janis said...

That is fantastic! - love the combination of both your clothing together too :^)