Friday, August 27, 2010

Play It As It Lays


Last Friday, I saw the film version of Joan Didion's Play It As It Lays.
It was late, the theater seats were terribly uncomfortable, my dates were all exhausted (sorry guys) but I loved this movie.
It's a dark film (the book is even darker... but overall the film is pretty true to the book), but I enjoyed seeing bits of long gone and not -so- long- gone L.A.

The 70's clothing (the film was shot in 1972) : amazing. Tuesday Weld looked stunning. Tie-dye. Big Sunglasses. Fitted leather jackets. Caftans galore.

But the best part of the film (here we go... I know I'm gonna get crap for this) was Anthony Perkins. Yes. That's right. Norman Bates-Psycho- Anthony Perkins. The man had the best lines and performance in the film, and if I do say so myself, looked downright hot.
I also say "whatever" to the hipsters who snickered at the scene where Perkins enters wearing gigantic, black, wraparound sunglasses. You wish you could pull that off.

The film is not on DVD, so if it happens to be playing in your area, I recommend trying to see it.


Amber said...

See, it was good wasn't it? Total 70s immersion. You know what I have to say about those post-ironic-moustache-wearing hipsters...**** *** I went to see Tron at Cinerama and it was much the same reaction. Except now those same kids are wearing platform wedge sneakers, and playing Galaga.

Jennifer said...

It was "Beaucoup fantastic."