Friday, August 27, 2010

Out and About *

blurry palms

Sometimes I like wandering around the neighborhood & snapping photos.

I have to say, my friends rock. New and old (you know who you are). Keeping me company while T. is traveling.

!!! Along those lines: Please check out Emilyn's blog, Supercozy. She is a smart and talented lady. We had a lovely coffee date today. It is a bit novel for me- going out for coffee...sappy but true. I wasn't able to do that at all (no energy/time) when I was working as a nurse.

*(As we used to say in Minnesota. Imagine saying it with a "Fargo"-esque accent.)


Jennifer said...

Great photos, Jennifer! How do you get them to post so large? I post as large as I can through Blogger and they're teeny. And you get such great color! Maybe it's my monitor, but my photos always seem a bit dull once they're on my blog.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jen,
I just learned how to make the photos bigger recently: you have to have a Flickr account, and copy & paste the HTML from the photos posted to your Flickr account into your Blogger posts.
You also have to change the dimensions of your template layout in Blogger in order for the bigger photos to fit.
I can try to email you detailed instructions if you are interested.
As far a color goes- I rely on good, natural light, and then tweak the exposure, contrast, boost the color, saturation & sharpness in iPhoto :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Jen! I haven't been posting the photos on Flickr, but I guess I should start. I've already reformatted my blog to accept larger videos without cropping off the right side, so I think that should be okay. I guess I just need to oomph up the saturation on my pics in iPhoto :)

Carlee said...

Love that you and Emilyn connected! Yeah! Love it! Sorry I've been out of touch with T gone. Miss ya, see you soon! Love, C