Saturday, August 7, 2010

Magic Marker Print

Magic Marker Blouse (Detail)

Magic Marker Blouse (Front)

Magic Marker Blouse (Back)

Textile design © Jennifer Parry Dodge & Tomory Dodge 2010

Hot Pink Wrist Wrap worn throughout by Clare Vivier
Long Beaded Necklace worn throughout by Hadley Holliday

My other collaborative print that I made with my husband. This one, the Magic Marker Print, is based on one of his sketches (literally done in magic marker on tracing paper) for one of his paintings. The fabric is 100% cotton in a quilting weight. This print will also be featured in the ERMIE Fall 2010 collection.

What would you guys like to see in the Fall collection? Dresses? Blouses? Skirts?
How about yardage of the prints?


Jocy said...

Lovely! Dresses always do it for me.

craftysunday said...

Wow wow wow! I love that print. Love.
Especially love that it's a collaboration!


Katie said...

Yes to yardage! I LOVE this print.

jenny gordy said...


Beklina said...

Oh, I love it. The colors, the design, so cool. You must be very happy with it.

Jennifer said...

Oh man! You are rocking the handmade prints, Jen! I love the top you made, but yardage would be really awesome too.

Where are you getting your printing done? Spoonflower?

P R I M O E Z A said...

great idea to use magic markers!

Theresa said...


Claire said...

What a beautiful idea... Amazing print! Oh yes, skirts in the new collection, great!

Shayna said...

beautiful! yardage and/or cushion covers!

melindatrees said...

LOVE your print!!