Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Love Elastic

Textile design © Jennifer Parry Dodge & Tomory Dodge 2010

Bronze Necklace by Ashley Helvey

I love elastic, or: the ERMIE version of the LBD (actually the base color is more of a charcoal grey, but I digress...)

My husband and I collaborated on this digital print. It is based on one of his collages, which I manipulated a bit to form this print.
Right now I'm referring to it as the "Fragment" Print...I love how it looks like an ikat weave from a distance. The dress is 100% cotton, and the design is my own. I was inspired to make it after what I learned from making this dress. You can wear the halter tied around the neck or discreetly tucked inside for a strapless look.

I think it's the sexiest dress that I have ever made!

I hope to have this in the shop for pre-fall ERMIE soon, in S,M,L.
I hope you like it, and I'll keep you posted!

I'm off for a few days in Denver (flying tomorrow, please, please think good, safe travel thoughts for me again, I really DO appreciate it ) , so any orders received from today 7/22/10 through 7/26/10 will be processed 7/27/10.
The summer items in the shop are going fast, so if you have your eye on something, don't delay!

I'll post again next week-have a great weekend.



Jennifer said...

God Jen, that fabric is GORGEOUS! It really does look like ikat from a distance, then you get close and it's so modern and geometric. A terrific collaboration indeed.

Here's wishing you very safe travels, and a great weekend!

cheryl cambras said...

oh my lord, that is amazing! congrats!!!

best wishes for a safe trip. xoxo

Amber said...

Geez, that fabric came out really well! I knew it would. Good combo!

ilana kohn said...

whoa, amazing! love this jennifer!!! :)

P R I M O E Z A said...

i was going to say that i liked the fabric and then i read that it was the print you did with your husband. it's come up really well - congratulations!

kate / tinywarbler said...

that fabric is amazing! great collaboration!

Katie said...

I love this, Jennifer -- both the print AND the dress! It looks amazing on you...

The wide halter straps are a nice touch too.

Safe travels!

modaspia said...

yeah, i love this print too! and yes elastic is wonderful. i love shirring (obviously) - elastic thread wound into the bobbin. very fun, quick gathering results.
nice work!

Jennifer said...

Made it to Denver safely! Thank-you for all of your travel prayers & thoughts for me (now just please do the same when I return to L.A. Monday).
We are going to the mountains today. I'll try to take pictures!

Thank-you all also for the comments on the dress/textile pattern. I wore it out to dinner last night and received some additional compliments on it. Tomory and I have another design we made (still trying to figure out how to use it-the garment 'platform' if you will), and there will be some pieces printed on a cotton lawn based on a photograph I took.
I Truly appreciate all of you comments and input!

Anonymous said...

wow.... that is MY kind of print. what a gorgeous pattern + cut of dress. the dress is so versatile and unique!

oami said...

Okay, I LOVE that print, and I'll definitely be wanting that dress when you have some made up. Was this the design that you were having digitally printed? Would love to compare notes with you on your experience with it.

Beklina said...

Thanks for the post today and I meant to comment last night when I was finally going through the blogs. I love this new print you did. It's amazing!!!

julia said...

Beautiful print! That's so cool that you were both able to collaborate together :)

Jocy said...

I LOVE it-- the dress, the print!