Friday, July 16, 2010

Walking & Talking

I love Nicole Holofcener & Catherine Keener!

Just saw this early Holofcener film, Walking and Talking (1996), for the first time the other day. The dialogue was great as in all of her films- but I was actually kind of 'meh' concerning the storyline about the friendship between the two women played by Catherine Keener and Anne Heche (mostly I think because I'm 'meh' about Heche as an actress).
I think Catherine Keener's character is much more compelling here- so smart, so funny & beautiful. Keener has been Holofcener's muse for some time now.

I loved Keener's mid-90's wardrobe in the film (brought back memories) the boxy little tees, chinoiserie tops, high-waisted lime green pants, and the minimalist tan bag she carries throughout the movie ... and not that Keener is 'old' by any means, but she looks like a baby in this film! Tried to take some still photos of the film, but you should just really watch the movie!


la ninja said...

oooooh, I totally loved it when I watched it back then (I reckon I even reviewed it on the uni newspaper.)

keener's doubts about the video boy and... do I correctly remember a very unsuitable pair of leather trousers? ;) she is "sooper" here.

nice one. ta. I'm going to go try and find it now.

Janis said...

Catherine Keener is one of my (our) favorite actresses. LOVE her! We saw her in Cyrus recently and have been following her since "Walking and Talking". Anne Heche was an unknown when we saw it in 1996, so I didn't have that "meh" reaction. In fact, I really thought the the relationship between the women was touching, true, perfect. Billy Corragan (love him too) was another discovery from that film - and he does have nice skin! :^)
Have you seen Living in Oblivion? Another obscure Keener movie worth checking out.

While watching Cyrus I actually kept thinking how much C. K. has aged... then I thought, "me too" ;^)

Jennifer said...

Janis, a lot of Cyrus was shot in Eagle Rock- very close to where we live! Need to see it.
I do admit to liking part of the storyline about the friendship, but Heche just irked me for some reason. Totally a personal thing. It's too bad.
Loved Billy Corragan...he's great in Scotland, PA- a hilarious retelling of MacBeth with Christopher Walken (how can you go wrong with Walken?).
La Ninja...glad it brought back memories!

g. said...

"my sponge smells like hotdogs and i can't stop smelling it"

Jennifer said...

Ha-I almost put that hot dog quote in this post :)

Janis said...

Ha! about the sponge that smells like hotdog. It is something that has been much repeated in this house since first seeing W & T. !!!!

Eagle Rock looks gorgeous Jennifer. It brought back memories of when I lived down there - such sweet neighborhoods - LUCKY GIRL!

modaspia said...

i have to watch it..i love her (too much really!). she is older (than me anyway) now and still looks so beautiful.