Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dinner & Dinner

1-4: Dinner with my best friend & her son. I need to do this more often with her.

5-8: Dinner we made for my one of my best friends from high school, Cate - potatoes from our garden that ended up on a pizza with Swiss Chard (homegrown), goat cheese, & pesto. We also made a pizza margherita with sauce made from our tomatoes, a salad with yellow beans (from our garden), butter lettuce, radicchio, manchego cheese, & walnuts and a berry & Beaujolais granita with fresh whipped cream & sprigs of mint from the garden.


Catharine said...

dinner was wonderful even though i sweated all over it! it was so hot!
thank you again for having me over. i love the tomatoes!

Jennifer said...

Cate, we loved having you over. I wish we had more time with you to do it again. One day :)