Friday, July 9, 2010

Hiking Griffith

Went hiking in Griffith Park yesterday with friend and had a lovely time; we had pastries afterwards (cancelled out the part of the purpose of the hike) at the Trails Cafe. I've lived in Los Angeles for almost 6 years now. I can't believe this was my first time hiking there!


Megan Taylor said...


It looks like you had an amazing day: the hikes, the pastries galore. I also like that 1st picture of the fog rolling in over LA. I love LA for its sunshine and warmth, but I also love when it cools down a bit. xoxoMeg

p.s. I am the queen of typos in comments, but I just found (and corrected) an amazing one just now on this one. FOG was BLOG. Classic, Freudian, who knows - it's early and I've only had 2 sips of coffee, xoxoxoxo

Every Little Counts said...

ah, i miss griffith. stacey and i used to go at least once a week. definitely one of the things i miss about LA- all of the hiking.

Unknown said...

ah, easily my most favorite place in LA. From the first year I lived there to the last, I went there as often as possible.

I used to drive up to the observatory at night and call Amy in New York from the balcony.