Monday, July 5, 2010

Scenes from the weekend:

ERMIE Sunset Dress in Blood Orange.
The Shop will open sometime this week, and I do plan to offer international shipping this time around! I'll post more info ASAP. Thanks for all of your interest & support so far!

We enjoyed our first homegrown tomatoes...Amish Paste, Green Zebra, and Mr. Stripey.

Peach with a little tail, or nipple?

Megan, yes BBQ (of course).

Free fireworks show in Highland Park. As seen from our backyard, courtesy of our many neighbors...we get this every year!


claire said...

Your tomatoes look to be sewed!!! That's great!
I hope I'll have a connexion internet to discover your new collection... We go on holidays to south in a few days!

Cheryl Cambras said...

i thought the same thing as claire -- they look stitched!

sad we missed it. :( xoxo

Jennifer said...

I loved that weird pattern on the tomato, too. Had to take a picture before I gobbled it up.
The pattern may just show up in a future textile design!

Missed you, too Cheryl. Hope you are feeling better!

South of France sounds amazing!!If you miss the shop update, we could probably work something else out!

Anonymous said...

i love your collection + that tomato red dress – so colorful, like you!