Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garden Party

Thistle. Not edible, but pretty to look at. Technically a weed in our garden.

Frittata made with Swiss Chard from the garden
. We had this for dinner on Tuesday night, but it was even better for breakfast the next day.

Watermelon that was yea big about a week ago

We have figs (I thought this plant was just an ornamental there such a thing? It's up at the top of our hill, and starting to bear fruit for the first time since we have lived here in 3 years) !

We have honeydew melon (not a fat cucumber as we initially thought...plant from the store was mislabeled) !

1 comment:

natsumi said...

I really love the photos!! Your garden is amazing! I wish I had a space to grow watermelon!
Have a great weekend!!