Tuesday, July 27, 2010


While I was in Colorado over the weekend, my August J. Crew Catalog came in the mail.
I love J. Crew and I have posted images from their lines many, many times. I've worn J. Crew since high school- which was a long time ago! When I get asked about who made an article of clothing I'm wearing, the answer is invariably "J.Crew."
Their fall stuff is always the best! The colors, the sweaters, the coats...completely inappropriate for L.A. about 90% of the year, but fashion yearnings are not always practical.

This is what caught my eye from the current J.Crew catalog...along with some images of pieces by independent designers found from my habitual blog-browsing:

1. (Pictured above) This strange shirt-blouse- jacket combo. I can't explain it. Maybe it somehow reminds me of this.
2. Not J. Crew but on my wishlist big time. Agate & crochet pendant by the uber-fashionable Brook&Lyn. Her blog is a new favorite.
This pendant also seem so desert-y to me.
Like something you'd wear while wandering around Joshua Tree with Gram & Keith.

3 & 4. Rimini Cardigan. I prefer it in the Black Pine colorway.

5. I decided I need a black leather jacket. This is a good one!

6. J. Crew has a lot of fantastic black boots and heels this season. I love these fold-over booties. Black heels. Another overdue purchase. Plus they'd look pretty bad-ass with the jacket.

7. Last but not least: Fox Claw Necklace by Odette. Jennifer Sarkilahti is the designer of this line, and also has a fantastic blog filled with beautiful photography you should check out.

(P.S. My Birthday is coming up ;)


Michelle said...

HEHEEH, your birthday is coming up, you sly thing.

Jennifer said...

I know,
I'm terrible.