Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inspiration/ mood board:
Pallenberg, Richards and Parsons at Joshua Tree.

The epitome of rock-n-roll glamour. Especially the first photo...
all photographs by Michael Cooper, found here.


Every Little Counts said...

these are awesome. let's recreate that.

do you remember our U2- like joshua tree photos? unfortunately, i regret my outfit choice that day.

cheryl cambras said...

what a great site--amazing photos! thanks!

Jennifer said...

we actually have those "U2" photos hanging in our bedroom. That was such a fun trip.
What were you wearing that day?I remember it being some cute little white dress-?
We should re-create this shoot!

yes,the site is pretty cool.Lots of great old photos. It's good to stumble upon a boy's site for a change!

modaspia said...

we used to camp there in college, in the summer, insanity. i remember a little oasis somewhere nearby. desert is a beautiful place to take pics. you should do a photo shoot there sometime with some of your pieces - you're so close!