Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For Annie:

The tank I bought from ALL.

I love it, the colors make me happy. It's a size small and very fitted (but I don't usually do fitted, so it's nice for a change). The yarn is very nice and actually has subtle color variations in the main purple color which I really like.

Tomory took the two pictures of me seated (I'm saying "Wait, let me suck in my gut!" in the third photo :)


ALL said...

Hey JPD,
You look great! If you are uncomfortable with the size, you can mail it back to me to exchange for a medium, as long as there isn't any heavy wear. Thanks for posting, you look like a million bucks! AL

Megan Taylor said...

i love that tank! I also love the beer you're drinking. it's so summery i can't stand it! yay warm weather and sunshine and tank tops!

modaspia said...

it's a good look jennifer!
are those j. crew jeans? i just got some but was a little aghast at how much of a slash they put in the knee. i can manage the holes myself over time after all.
thanks for the dress order, i'm super excited to make something for you. i love your art and what you're doing. also the fact that you're holding down a f/t job while doing this. i did that for a long time and it takes passion.

Janis said...

Such a cutie!

Jennifer said...

I love it as is...thanks!!

Megan...er..hoping the beer wouldn't be noticed ;)

Ursula- close! Madewell. They weren't quite that torn & tattered when I bought them- the knee especially opened up over time...but yeah- they were kind of an impulse buy. I had a gift certificate from Tomory. Good for bumming around the house in.
Can't wait for your dress, and thanks for your support of my work.
One day, hopefully soon I won't have to have a day job anymore.

Janis, always so sweet. I was actually thinking these weren't the best photos of me, but kept them up anyway!