Sunday, May 2, 2010


Just got back into town from a totally spur-of -the moment trip up the Central Coast to Paso Robles.
Yesterday, 2:30 ish we were eating lunch at Nate -N- Al's Deli, and the husband came up with a brilliant idea:
Tomory: "Hey maybe we should not go to _ tonight and just drive up to the Central Coast."
Me: "Really?"
T: "Yes."
Me : "OK!"
We are celebrating our first wedding anniversary this weekend. We figured, what the hell?
With the use of T's smart -phone booked a hotel room while still sitting at the deli (ah, technology), booked reservations at our favorite restaurant in Paso, and booked it out of town.

It was so romantic, it almost made me cry.
Chet Baker's "Let's Get Lost" played on our favorite local radio station as we drove off into the late afternoon (for reals!).
Spontaneity is a very good thing.
Hope y'all had a good weekend.


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful hubby, and a wonderful anniversary celebration! Here's to many more years of happiness to you both!

cheryl cambras said...

sounds wonderful! glad you had a very happy 1st anniversary!

janis said...

Spontaneity is a very good thing, and love the story of your special weekend up the coast :^)

Happy 1st anniversary "for reals"

Ellenitza said...

There's nothing like an impromptu romp to wine country. Sounds delightful.

Megan Taylor said...

this may be my favorite post to date! maybe it's because i love impromptu adventures out of the city. maybe it's because your photos are fabulous. or maybe it's because the post is very summery, romantic and cozy! either way, I LOVE IT!

Jocy said...

Wonderful pictures.

Beklina said...

what a great idea. looks lovely!