Saturday, May 29, 2010


Rachel Comey: Why do you keep taunting me? Why??
Just when I think; "I'm good. I'm done. I'm set. I don't need or want to buy any more clothes or shoes for a while."
You do it again!!
I love you. Damn you.

Found at Creatures of Comfort


Every Little Counts said...


jeana sohn said...

have you seen these rachel comey ones at mohawk general?
if i didn't have barbaros, i would totally buy these! i've tried them on and i like them better than barbaros.

Jocy said...

I have these in the plain black leather, and they are comfy. Just sayin'. Alas, I didn't bring them or other RC shoes with me.

Jennifer said...

Jeana, I love the Bowline's shape, too, although I wish the leather was black on the pair they have at Mohawk.

They already sold out in my size (7)!
Hmm what size shoe are you? Where did you say you left all those Comey shoes ;) ?