Monday, May 24, 2010

Art Saturday

Views of Tim Hawkinson's Mummy Hand at Blum & Poe- the hand is made from dried bananas, apples, and the ring a gold twist tie.
Genius. Creepy. Funny.

Below- upstairs installation shot at Blum & Poe.

Woolly Pocket Wall.

Below: The back patio at the Mandrake. Schwartz: This Newcastle is for you!

Started off our Art Saturday at the Hammer- we went there to see Jung's Red Book- small but amazing exhibit.

Then off to Culver City! We stopped into see Heather Taylor at her gallery. The new exhibit looked great- and Heather was as fashionable as ever- wearing a Kathryn Bentley necklace, and these pants from J. Crew I blogged about (that I also happened to purchase shortly after posting about them- they are so don't want to take them off)
and the most beautiful shade of lipstick. Heather, if you are reading this- you must tell me what lipstick you were wearing!
In addition to making the rounds at Blum & Poe, Cherry and Martin, and others- we went to Ori Gersht's incredible show at Angles Gallery.

For a pit stop: Popped into the Mandrake for a beer -enjoyed outside on the back patio of the bar.
We ended the evening in Santa Monica to enjoy home cooked pasta carbonara a la Tomory's Uncle Charlie.

A lovely day.


la ninja said...

great stuff (banana hands ;)
cannot believe you had a newcie brown in LA. I (we) used to get v. drunk on that stuff at uni. it is deadly ;)

Megan Taylor said...

Oh I love this post! It's so nice to hear you say such lovely things... I wish I could have been there for Heather's opening :) That's the one downside to living all the way up here in San Francisco. I miss all the L.A. culture, fun and sunshine, not to mention my fabulous sister!

Janis said...

Love the Saturday tour through LA. The hand, THE HAND! Creepy yes, but wonderful and genius too.

We have wild wind here and showers in the forecast ??? not May weather, but I am liking it anyway :^) How about you ?

I am thinking we ought to start a blog together someday...a no/so CA sort of thing. Photos with a theme ??? :^)

elauinc said...

i was there too! the Taylor de Cordoba was one of our favorites of the night. We ended up at the Alibi Room for martinis and calamari tacos a la Kogi.

Adam said...

Hey! Thanks for the beer! I'll have one on my end, don't mind if I do...

Looks like a nice day out at the galleries. And the sky - so blue!? Did it just rain? Or really windy?

Planning a "gallery day" myself this weekend. Looking forward to Jason's visit!

Heather Taylor said...

So great to see you on Saturday! Thanks for your support of TDC! So glad we finally got a chance to chat. The lipstick is Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Pop Life. Love it!!!