Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Corner View: Garden

I feel like I have been posting about the garden a lot lately. 'Tis the season, I guess, so hopefully this isn't boring.

Shayna, this post is kind of for you!

Top to bottom:
Chive Flowers
Tomato plant
View- you can see two of our planter beds here
The cabbages that never properly formed
Artichokes we have been harvesting
Two more planter beds
Crazy amounts of rosemary & lavender (thyme, parsley, sage are in there, too...not trying to make a Simon & Garfunkel reference, I just can't see them because the other two plants are so massive).

This past weekend was great, but this week has been rough. Moody. I guess I'm more depressed about this than I thought.
Not happy with my job, and feeling like I'm not good at anything. Confused about my purpose in life. Mid-life crisis, anyone?
So, I took a walk in the garden at dusk & snapped some pictures to share with you. It made me feel a little better.


Jennifer said...

Oh honey, I'm right there with you on the crisis boat. Hang in there, although that is such a cliché. You are very talented, and I am sure those who know you beyond Ermie can vouch for your importance to them. We here in blogland <3 you two. I tend to roll on waves of anxiety and questioning about my purpose, direction, and future, and from those waves to calmer waters where I periodically feel confident and a bit more stable. I sometimes think that looking at too many lovely blogs can make me feel like everyone else's lives are better than mine. :) Here's to more sunshine in your days.

Don said...

Gardens are great for an uplift!
Everyone could use that from time to time. For another uplift go to This is not my blog but it always cheers me up.

Megan Taylor said...

Your garden looks should be so happy with it :) And your blog brings so much joy to me and I barely even know you AND I live in San Francisco, a whole different city! I promise: you have a purpose and it's a very cozy one :) Just keep plugging away, doing what you do...xoxoxo

Aron said...

Not too much posting. It lets those of us without gardens live vicariously.

Horrible about the design loss. What a &*%#@$%!

janis said...

I understand (all those feelings).

Though as far as the rip-off goes, if you ask Daniel, I have been affected by this thing that happen to you almost as if it were myself. I've been feeling more paranoid lately with all the downloading (sitemeter)that has been going on the blog and shop. How do we work this out? How do we keep inspired and keep going when this happens so easily? Has your rip-off designer come forward yet? Ugh... so much... too bad we can't sit over a cup of tea (or stronger) and discuss... xo

life in yonder said...

Woaaw what a garden! Lucky you :-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much, everybody. I am feeling better. Life is funny. In the grand scheme of things, I realize I have nothing to complain about.
I am grateful for my life as it is.

Jen, Blogs are interesting- I completely agree. On one hand they can inspire,on the other, they can lead you into the "grass is always greener" syndrome. Which is not a nice place to be.

Don & Aron- oh my,new faces! Thanks for stopping by, and your blogs are lovely! I'll be sure to visit them again.

Megan, thanks for your kind words of support, one day we will have to meet up!

Janis, ahhgh. Sorry to hear that. It was not my intention to affect people in that way. I understand what you are saying- Just be sure to register any designs, and you'll be OK. I'll rip someone a new one (ahem, pardon me) if I ever see them copying your work. We will have that cup of tea or a stronger beverage one day, and talk of better things!

Life in Yonder- really It's all my husband's doing! Honest! Thanks:)

natsumi nishizumi said...

Oh, no... I had the same situation before. I think I mentioned to you last you remember? I was very upset about this.. It's a great idea to register copyright your own art work!

BTW, your garden is beautiful!

Have a great weekend!!

Shayna said...

Hey! I was out of town for the past week and yours was the first blog I popped back to. I was hoping for this type of a post!

I love your garden. Your backyard is so lovely. I'm still so impressed by your incredible harvests. Also that you grow "intimidating" vegetables (aka artichokes).

Yes, the garden is a wonderful cure-all for down times. I hope you feel better soon about this nasty situation and know that just by speaking/blogging about it at least puts it out there that it's not okay.