Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday scenes:

Taco lunch,

bar-b-que (olive/dipping oils, Sandra & GG, GG likes olives)

unwelcome guest.


Janis said...

The good (lunch) and the bad
(B/W spider)!

I opened the garage last week to be greeted by a black widow spider in the doorway, eeek. I don't like to kill insects, but I took a deep breath and... stomped.

Jennifer said...

like the coyotes I posted about once in the CV- black widow spiders are everywhere here in L.A.
They generally avoid humans, and won't really bite unless provoked (although sometimes this happens unintentionally).
We all know spiders help keep other pests away, but I have killed a few black widows, (and felt bad about it) too.

jane said...

i love your scene:)

Every Little Counts said...

was gg crying?

Jennifer said...

Amy, yes, he had just woken up from a nap and was cranky.
You wouldn't believe how big he is, and how much he is talking.

Every Little Counts said...

it breaks my heart that i am missing him grow up... you have no idea.