Sunday, August 15, 2010

ermie modaspia 2

All Photographs courtesy of
Modaspia/ Ursula Dean

Ursula from Modiaspia kindly sent me these photos of her model wearing a new skirt design for Modaspia SP '11 and the yellow Frayed Edge Blouse from this summer's ERMIE collection! Thank-you Ursula!!

Yesterday Carlee & her husband David invited us to spend the day in Malibu (thanks guys!!) . I forgot my camera. It was such a beautiful day. Really good light! There was this white bougainvillea that was so pretty. What I really wish I had remembered to bring the camera for was to take pictures of Carlee's son X and our godson GG. They are 2 y.o. and so cute. So sweet with each other (except when they were throwing sand...heh).
It was wonderful to watch them marvel at things we take for granted. For example, when GG glimpsed the marine layer passing overhead, he pointed at the sky & said "Oh, Wooooww!!!"

Randomly: I stepped on a honey bee at the beach. Ouch.


jeana sohn said...

the top and the skirt. perfect!

Anonymous said...

oh man... i remember dead bee season in socal being brutal right around august and sept. last week my dad was bitten by bees while gardening and had to go to the emergency room!

oami said...

I love the color of that blouse Jennifer! By the way, what camera do you use? I'm starting to think about upgrading mine.....

Jennifer said...

Oami, thanks.
I actually use an oldy Canon PowerShot SD400.
My 'secret' for taking a good photo is starting out with good natural light when ever possible plus iPhoto! I usually tweak the color, sharpness, contrast, etc.

Natasha- oh no! I'm sorry about your dad!! I hope he's ok. Were they Africanized (Killer)bees? That is really awful.

Jeana, thanks. I am flattered Ursula paired the blouse with her beautiful skirt!

modaspia said...

that blouse, er, MY blouse that is really is that sunflower color. the blouse is so stunning jennifer that i had it on my wall in my studio for the first week, no joke. i love it (so did my model and her sister-in-law). nice work that one.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hangs clothing in their studio just to look at!

It makes me so happy that you are enjoying the blouse.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I use the same tricks with my Canon Powershot A530 but I rarely get a photo I'm happy with unless the natural light is just perfect.....maybe I've just dropped it one too many times! (I'm good at that)