Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sunday dinner
backyard peaches

Some photographs from this past weekend.

Sunday dinner alfresco at the Morse's home.


Michelle said...

How sweet. Your outdoor adventures make me jealous as I melt in mosqueeto infested atlanta.

Anonymous said...

oh my god - that crumpled peach looks insane. was it grilled? mmmmm.....

Jennifer said...

Michelle, I'm sorry... if it helps it's incredibly smoggy here right now...:)

Natasha, yes, our kind host grilled the peaches! So good.

natsumi nishizumi said...

Hi Jennifer,
The photos are lovely! The Summer is almost over but I am not ready yet!

Hope you had a fabulous trip to Malibu and great birthday!!!! Glad you received the brithday card! xo

Megan Taylor said...

I cannot tell you how cozy these pictures are to me. Maybe it's that dinner. Oh! looks so summery. In your last post you ask, what happened to August? It looks like August was a little piece of peach pie :)