Monday, August 2, 2010

Lovely ladies wearing ERMIE.

1. Satoko (center left ...without the cute baby ) wearing the Sunset Dress in Smoky Quartz. The dress is all the way in Japan- cool, right !?

2. Debra wearing this shirt that I made.

3. Amber wearing ERMIE Fall 2009.


erica said...

how fun to see how others wear your lovely designs!

Jennifer said...

Erica, I agree :)

Getting bored with seeing myself.

Next collection- ERMIE Holiday 2010- I want to use a model.

Jennifer said...

It must be so satisfying to see how happy these ladies are with their Ermie items! And especially cool that one is in Japan.

Jennifer said...

Yes, it is especially cool that the dress is in Japan. Satoko is just a lovely, lovely person- I'm happy that she owns the dress.

The other ladies of the post- Amber and Debra- are some of my oldest friends- and are extremely talented artists- so I feel humbled they would wear my work.

P R I M O E Z A said...

that's nice - seeing your work being worn :)

Jennifer said...

Elizabeth, first a little stressful, too...I worry...will it fit? Will it look good on someone else?
Someday I hope to purchase one of your pieces and send you a photo :)

Claire said...

Jennifer, I'm back from south of France and I've just bought your blouse in pool! This colour is really gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Claire, thank-you! I shall send it out tomorrow!!