Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Creatures, Salvation in the Desert, and the Best Time of the Day.

Petroglyphs & Gram Graffiti at Cap Rock, Joshua Tree, CA

How I prefer the Coachella Valley- empty (no rock festival crowds)!

Above & Below: Twentynine Palms Inn Garden, white pomegranate from the same garden.

Twentynine Palms Inn palm tree poolside, and textile in Irene's Adobe.

Whoa: Look out!
This post not only has a long title, it is a bit lengthy in and of itself in a stream- of -consciousness kind of way.

I was thinking about print and pattern the other night, which is not unusual, but I was thinking of one of my all time favorite images that depicts print, color & pattern: the cover art of Talking Heads album Little Creatures. 30 years later & it still looks great.The back cover is my favorite (pictured above, topmost photo) although I also adore the work of the Reverend Howard Finster (may he rest in peace) on the front cover of the album.

Rev. Finster got me thinking about Salvation Mountain near Niland, CA. I posted about this a long time ago, but we took so many great photos on this trip in 2008 (which also included stops at Twentynine Palms, Joshua Tree, Desert Hot Springs, and Palm Springs- some of my favorite locales in the world) I wanted to share more of them with you.

One more thing, please check out Giovanna Parolari's (owner of Una in Portland, OR) great blog for loads of inspiring pattern, and colors. I love this blog because it more often than not features topics and artists I've never heard of.
Not a small feat in the blogosphere...


Jennifer said...

Such an interesting post, Jen! I can definitely see the visual connection between your photos and the Heads (one of the best bands EVER) album cover. And they were so ahead of their time, wearing African wax cloth that's becoming so trendy of late.

Jennifer said...

Love the Talking Heads. Yes, one of the Best. Bands. Ever.
My favorite Heads album is Talking Heads '77.

g. said...

you are kind. thank you.
hope you are having a fantastic summer.
ours is just starting as the fall shipments begin to arrive!
xo g