Sunday, August 29, 2010



Textile design © Jennifer Parry Dodge & Tomory Dodge 2010

What I wore yesterday to run errands. I was struck by how much of it was hand- made by local artisans (and myself).

Hand-dyed tank and long beaded necklace by Hadley Holliday.
I wore the tank over this dress, that I made, from fabric designed by my husband and me...
Pink Wrist Wrap and Messenger Tote by Clare Vivier.

***Hadley will be selling her work today at the Local Artisan Bazaar (LAB).


Ritva said...

hi beautiful!
it´s always nice to see what you have been doing- with love!

Claire said...

Your husband and you make very beautiful design! That's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

wow.. such a sick outfit! i never quite could pull of the layered look but you look so beautiful + stylish!

Michelle said...

Girl, you have some serious taste! I love it, so quirky, but fresh and fun. LOVE

Jennifer said...

Oh, thanks ladies :)
I really do think women mostly dress to impress other women ;)
Although I also dress to please myself- have fun with it!

I just thought it was so much of the outfit I was wearing yesterday was handmade.

I started making clothing partially because I couldn't find what I wanted in stores (at an affordable price).

I love layering. I think I honed my layering skills living in Minnesota. It's so cold up there in the winter...layering is a must! I also just like to play around with different fabrics and patterns together.

jeana sohn said...

love the outfit!

modaspia said...

beautiful really have a knack for layering diff. prints and colors and pulling it off, making it your own..
great print on that dress.

Janis said...

Love that your outfit is mostly handmade and local - you are a good example... and the cutest model ;^)