Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Finds: Unatti Foundation, Tina Petra, Clare Vivier

Photograph directly above: courtesy of the Unatti Foundation

Top & last photo: Combed Yak Wool Wraps from The Unatti Foundation: A non-profit organization dedicated to providing food, shelter and education to orphaned and underprivileged children of Nepal.

I bought a striped one (2nd to last photo) as a Christmas gift for someone- they are incredibly soft and warm and come in the most radiant assortment of colors. Only $55.00 and for a good cause.

I received two early Christmas gifts : an insane necklace from jeweler Tina Petra from my husband (also 2nd to last photo), and (I won!) a Clare Vivier Wrist Wrap from Joslyn's blog (thank-you Joslyn and Clare!).


cheryl cambras said...

wow, beautiful things! that necklace is dreamy.

Heather Taylor said...

you are so cool and chic and fabulous. i love those wraps and the vivier wrist wrap totally suits you.

kate / tinywarbler said...

awesome- you won! that necklace is beautiful and those wraps look so warm and soft.