Monday, December 7, 2009


all images courtesy of Marañón

What can I say? Camille tipped me off to Lorena's work.


Works of art.

Love the pom-poms neck warmer, just by itself, hanging on the wall.

This does not help me with my necklace addiction.


Claire said...

Necklace addiction... Terrible my poor Jennifer!
I love the first one with all this colours...

Every Little Counts said...

i think it's official...everyone has now blogged about Marañón. seriously though, love it.

Jennifer said...

Guess I'm not reading the right Blogs ;)
I had never heard of her before Camille told me about her.
Oh well!

g/d said...

I know...I freaking LOVE this stuff! I showed it to my husband before Christmas with a heavy HINT-HINT vibe, but I guess he forgot. BAD HUSBAND. I guess a lady is just gonna have to treat herself!

Sarah said...

I know! I want one of each :) Lorena, the beauty and talent behind Marañón, has just donated one of her necklaces for a giveaway on my blog!

I'd love it if you entered: