Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Treasure Hunt

I love the treasures you discover while visiting other blogs.

For example, I was looking at this bracelet on Cheryl's blog, and it reminded me of the incredible work of Annie Larson (also featured by Cheryl in a previous post), so I went to Annie's blog and found links to...

Directly above and below: The most amazing knitwear ever, designed & produced by A.Larson.

Both photographs courtesy of Annie Larson

...the blog of Sofia Arnold. There is something about her whimsical paintings and drawings that I find so tender. Love those trees below. Her blog led me to...

Directly above and below, images courtesy of Sofia Arnold.

...her Mother's blog!
Susan Johnson is a textile artist and the owner of Avalanche Looms, shop in Avalanche,WI.

Directly below: stunning examples of her handiwork.

Directly above: Photos courtesy of Susan Johnson

What treasures have you found lately?


janis said...

This! This blog is an on going treasure. Jennifer, thank you for these links...all very delicious creativity I want to check out more!

ALL said...

So sweet! I'm happy that you captured Sofia, Susan and I together. I am only now starting to realize the parallels between our work after all these years. Thank you!

cheryl cambras said...

wow, great detective work! janis is right. yours is my favorite for finding hidden gems. xoxo

Jennifer said...

Janis & Cheryl- oh wow! Thanks!

I always feel excited about sharing the work of others...but I always figured that most of what I post- people already know about...good to hear that is not always the case.

Annie-Thank YOU!

Susan Johnson said...

Annie had imagination and confidence from the first, and such a funny take on the things she made. She made beautiful pieces out of strange materials before she knew how to sew. Her letter sweateris an object of beauty. Sofia also surprises me, again, and again. Imagination is the hope of the world. Thanks for writing about our recent get-together

g/d said...

wow, great finds! those scarves are stunning.

Beklina said...

Love those knit hats! & I love all the treasures of your blog too!