Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Dog on Plummer

I have a crappy commute to my job that I started in October.
It's long. I curse the traffic when I'm tired and
One bright spot, however, is the giant topiary Dog someone has created at the intersection of Hayvenhurst and Plummer.
For Christmas, someone decorated the Dog with a giant red bow.
It makes me smile every time I see it.
As I was getting out of my car today to take pictures of the Dog, I noticed someone had decorated the street sign pole with the cutest little Rudolph head made out of bark!
Whomever is responsible for these creations, you are awesome. Thank-you.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


even eve said...

random dog topiary, cool.

erica said...

aww, i miss the crazy christmas decorations in LA!

hope you have a lovely christmas day!

Beklina said...

Love the dog too. Merry Christmas!

Carlee said...

Hi J, hope you had a wonderful xmas. Love the lavender pouch, it's in X's drawer. Hope to see you soon. Love, Carlee

janis said...

This would put a smile on my face as well. People are sweet...