Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sholten & Baijings

Above: Image courtesy of Vivid Gallery

Below: All images courtesy of Sight Unseen

Moving on to other things- ready to start kicking ass and taking names.

I'm setting up my studio this weekend. The guest room is all cleaned out, so now I'll be able to work on the next ERMIE collection in earnest. In the meantime:
I've been posting about veggies from our garden lately, and in keeping with this theme here are some vegetables that just happen to be inedible (a feast for the eyes only). These textile vegetables were produced by designers Sholten & Baijings. Via the queen of everything colorful Kris. Photo #4 is of the rhubarb stalks in progress- especially beautiful. Look at those colors in the blankets (also by Sholten & Baijings) too!

**Jennifer Zinn is having a give-a-way. Be sure to check it out!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the giveaway mention, Jennifer! I really appreciate it, and hope everyone who checks it out also enters.

erica said...

love the bright jolts of color!

Beklina said...

I love the veggies. The soup looks good too. And the copyright design info below is great. That's the trip though.

Anonymous said...

great colours and pictures!!