Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Corner View: Earth Day

evening light

chive blossom

baby spiders

onion blossom

lettuce (haven't had to buy lettuce in months!)

"We can never have enough of Nature."

"...in wildness is the preservation of the world."

-Henry David Thoreau

More nature here.
Happy Earth Day.


Francesca said...

Beautiful, poetic photos!

Joyce said...

Beautiful words to go with beautiful photos. xo

janis said...

Well said... and I am very impressed with your lettuce crop!

Guusje said...

Happy earthday!

Shayna said...


I'm so impressed by your harvests. Would you mind showing us a picture of the whole vegetable garden? How big is it? How long have you guys been gardening?

Jennifer said...

Shayna, great idea: I'll do that for an upcoming post. The garden is almost exclusively Tomory's domain(I work too much). When we bought the house, it had planter beds planted with various veggies by the previous owners. Since then we of course have rotated crops, planted new things. So since 2007 Tomory has been gardening, self-taught. I used to help my mom garden back in Iowa, and occasionally help out Tomory (help= eating the final results ;)

natsumi nishizumi said...

Happy Earth Day! Please teach me how to grow vegetables!! Baby spiders are so cute! If I see bigger ones, I will scream!

Theresa said...

I agree