Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reuben Margolin

all images courtesy of Reuben Margolin

His work appeals to the science geek in me, but it goes beyond that. He's inspired by nature, and interprets his inspiration via sculpture- I'm absolutely astounded at how his mind works. I saw his work on PBS- Make: Television (Make 'Zine's new TV Series). His work is mostly kinetic, so be sure to go to his website and watch the videos. Mesmerizing.


kelley said...

Mesmerizing is right! I love this.

janis said...

I have to tell Daniel about this because he makes kinetic sculpture. He has mentioned this show to me before (it's on really late here) so there is a chance he's seen it - I will find out! Thanks Jennifer xo.

Theresa said...

Cool, I love kinetic sculpture, used to be one of my obsessions. :)