Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Corner View: Animals

Do you see her? There in the middle? At the top of the hill? When we first moved into our house almost 3 years ago, we had a coyote (I'm guessing it was a female) that liked to hang out in our yard and nap on our hillside. She disappeared after the 4th of July...fireworks scared her away.

Since then- we haven't noticed any other coyotes in our yard, but we have had the usual birds, squirrels, raccoons and opossums.
In the last two snapshots- there are no animals present- this is intentional: we are trying to keep them away from our strawberries.
We have a real life Strawberry Thief (see the last image: William Morris' famous "Strawberry Thief" textile he designed for Liberty of London...any excuse to mention Liberty in a post...).

We think it's a opossum (possum? why do you need to put an "o" in front of it...readers: help me out!) or a raccoon- no little pecked away berries. Whatever was eating them, it would pluck the whole berry from the stem. Whatever it was, it was also smart enough to lift up the netting we first placed over the berries. Tomory had to fashion a wire cage as the next step, secured with latches- we shall see if that works!

Go here to view additional members of the animal kingdom.

**UPDATE 4/29/10 : We just ate the first strawberries tonight...they we so flavorful! Delicious. Sorry, critters.


Claire said...

Great! My children would be happy to see this animals in our garden!... But here we just have birds and hedgehog!!!

RosaMarĂ­a said...

what a great dog you had! :)

janis said...

That's exciting! ...who would have thought to see a coyote in LA? Great shot Jennifer.

Jennifer said...

Coyotes are EVERYWHERE in L.A!
You occasionally see them at night, just crossing the street.
The Mental Health Hospital I used to work at has a pack of them that lived on their campus. It was a little alarming at times to take patients out on walks, and see a coyote checking you out.

Ritva said...


we have bears in our woods.
haven´t seen though. lucky me.
hugs, dear jennifer!

Megan Taylor said...

this blog is like a fairy tale :)

Theresa said...