Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crystal Bomb

all images courtesy of Debra Baxter Crystal Bomb DB/CB.

My friend Deb opened a store for her fine jewelry!


Michelle said...

wowzers! This is the kind of jewelery I dream about, seriously, I gotta have...even though I am saving up for more important things...a fridge...but if I don't look super hot whilst buying the fridge...well then, what is it all for? I ask you? Hmmmm

db said...

thanks for posting this Jen
That Bismoth pin still really blows me mind...though it was lab grown.
So glad you are supporting my Crystal Bomb action

Megan Taylor said...

oooh there's something very dramatic about the last pic. look at that neck!

Jennifer said...

Megan: yes. That is Ms. Baxter's own neck. In addition to being quite talented, she is also quite a beautiful.

drollgirl said...

LOVE these