Monday, April 19, 2010

I don't get you

all images via Kiitos Marimekko

Was it something I said? Something I did?
I don't get you, Internet. Please don't tell me that it's you and not me.
We both deserve better than that.

Seven people visited my blog today? Huh? Really, I don't get it.
Maybe I'm getting too predictable.

I'm kidding. Sort of- but really only seven people visited my blog today. That's 10 times less than a normal day (not counting all the times I'm obsessively checking my blog myself- ha!). So strange.
While I ponder my role (or lack thereof) in the blogosphere, here are some images (color! pattern! predictable of me??) of Marimekko Spring 2010 for my seven readers to enjoy :)


Jennifer said...

Boy, you are so much more successful with Ermie than I am with Gemmifer! I average 5 visitors a day (so sad) and am not sure what else to do to get more to stop by. Sigh! Maybe one day... a girl can dream, right? ;)
You're now in my Google Reader, but I would visit daily before that too.
PS: Always happy with some Marimekko lovin'!

Katie said...

eh, I'd chalk it up to Monday. I don't necessarily look daily, but I LOVE your posts!

Jennifer said...

ha, thanks guys. You are definitely two of my Favorite readers!

I'm poking fun at myself (sort of) Can't take yourself or your blog too seriously, right?

Jen, my diabolical plan for internet domination: I basically just made a nuisance of myself on certain blogs until they had no choice but to add my blog to their link list, so that helped ;)
Giveaways are also, good, too.

janis said...

Seventy counts a day? Wow, you are one popular girl! I'm sure there must be something wrong with your counter today, not you :^) Love the post - xo

Jocy said...

It must be the counter and Monday. I'm new to blogging, so I'm always surprised to see that anyone looks at my random thoughts. And, Marimekko!!

hilarymargaret said...

If one reads from their Google reader, does that register as a visit? I hope so, I read your blog whenever there is a new post! If not, I will make sure to click through :)

Your blog reminds me to enjoy vibrant colors. Very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

not to join the choir but yr blog is always one of the first things i check in the morning while i drink coffee and procrastinate. it doesn't hurt that we have the same taste in everything! ;)

ilanak said...

those counters are never accurate!!! it's always nice to feel heard though, right? :)

david john said...

ugh i hate those days! but hey, i just stumbled upon your blog, and ill be back for sure!

Los Angeles

Vivier said...

You're cute. I read your blog. ;)

Joslyn said...

i love your blog ;-)