Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't Touch the Art

I promise: I'll stop posing about RM/PS soon. Came across this photo of Mapplethorpe reclining in front of this piece that he made that I posted about earlier.
I still get awestruck in the presence of certain works of art and artists. I don't think I actually touched the above piece, however I know I've touched a Guston and this piece by Eva Hesse. Bad! I know (but I bet you've done it, too).


cheryl cambras said...

Max has an art-touching related story about me for you. He loves letting people know I do bad things (very rarely, of course!).

Amber said...

For shame Jennifer! I am shocked, shocked! My favorite dirty little secret. Ahem.

david john said...

wow! you touched an eva hesse? did it disintegrate in your fingers? :)