Thursday, April 1, 2010

London: Art (TATE)

Art Lovers: I don't know these people, but they looked so sweet, I had to take a photo.

Below: The experience that is Miroslaw Balka's piece "How It Is."
The installation is a gigantic steel structure that you can walk under, around, and into. One enters the piece via a giant ramp, and once inside, it becomes darker, and darker. People around you move slowly and cautiously- as do you- because it is so dark. So black, so dark, the outlines of those around you are barely perceptible. You feel very alone.

Entering (above) and Exiting (below) How It Is.

Read more about the work here.


la ninja said...

another reason to go again. v. soon.
did you, by any chance, go to the barbican? to see the birdies?

love that first shot ;)

la ninja said...
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janis said...

Ah the Tate Modern! Glad you saw that... Great photos.