Thursday, April 8, 2010

Modaspia and Judah Ross

Above: Modaspia

Below: Judah Ross

I'm pretty sure my friend Amber tipped me off to Ursula and her line Modaspia, and then when I was reading all of your posts for the recent give away, I came across Ursula's blog and work again. Really love the clean simplicity of the shapes; she makes great basics with a twist. Stuff you would wear over and over again. Of course, though, I'm more attracted to her work that features prints!
Ursula and her friend Oami used to collaborate on Modaspia together- now Oami has her own line called Judah Ross. I also dig her hand-painted and monoprinted (my favorite...I was all about the monoprint in art school) pieces, as well as the print she designed for her Greek Islands Blouse.
Cool, cool, cool, ladies.


la ninja said...

I'd definitely wear every single one of those :)

janis said...

Love this post - good info. Thanks Jennifer :^)

Amber said...

Ah! So funny that you posted about this. I was just looking at Judah Ross the other day. I love that navy Tokyo tank. Cool shapes.

KATLIN said...

love the watercolor-esque prints. i'm fiending for pretty prints like these!

Design Scouting said...


modaspia said...

o sweet! thanks for the lovely post jennifer. fun to see oami's and my work together here.