Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love Color

These Matta Dupatta Scarves are very chic in neutrals, but for me, I love color! These tones remind me of springtime flowers.

More love here.


Jennifer said...

Ohhh boy... you are really killing me here! I have been lusting after one of their Dupattas for years now. I've gone as far as trying them on at the Soho shop and at their ABC Home outpost, but the prices kill me. Though I am glad to have found out that the tassels are really strong and won't fall apart like those on the cheap copies I've bought. Maybe one day, when I'm making loads of money (hahahahaha.)

janis said...

I need to follow that link! The first three colors are knocking my socks off :^)

Feel better dear Jennifer - xoxo

ilanak said...

a fellow sucker for all that's colorful and patterned, i've been following your blog for awhile now and felt it was high time i tell you how much i love it!

Jocy said...

Love the color AND those pom-poms.