Monday, April 19, 2010


Went to LaMill Coffee for breakfast on Sunday in Silverlake.
It was a glorious morning. Balmy and sun-filled.

The menu here is a bit overwhelming in terms of the drink (coffee) options. About ten different brewing methods and many different types of beans to choose from.
I chose a Japanese hand-drip brew, with the very dark Onyx beans.
Tomory had a fizzy mojito- like drink. The egg dishes were excellent, and by the time we were finished, we were properly fueled for a day of household chores.

A nice treat before we engaged in some major spring cleaning...
attempting to purge our closets, and clean out the guest room which will become a "real" studio for me!


Every Little Counts said...

i always got a little overwhelmed by their coffee selection too.

Jennifer said...

haha, I remember (fondly) your trouble with ordering food, desserts, etc...too many decisions!
I liked it there, but I did find it a bit silly to have so many options (especially BEFORE I've had my coffee).

Jocy said...

I thought I sent to Silverlake for brunch yesterday, but it was Eagle Rock. All this driving around makes Portland, OR feel so small.

Jennifer said...

You were in my 'hood! Looks like you were at Auntie Em's?

Megan Taylor said...

oooh, what's the asparagus thing? looks amazing!

Jennifer said...

Megan, It was called Huevos “Blanchet”/ Soft scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, chives, beurre blanc, asparagus. Very rich. Good!

Adam said...

But HOW DO YOU SAY IT! I like LaMill/LAMILL/L.A. Mill/Snobby Coffee Shop a lot, but there is still a part of my brain spinning around and around on how the fuck to say the name of the fucking place. I can't decide, is it bad design on their part, or am I not cool enough to know, or something? Does everyone else know? Good goddamn coffee though.

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Gaa. Spelling. Hate that you can't edit your own blogger comments!!

Adam,you crack me up.
Yeah, there is definitely some pretension going on there.
Like: why do you have to call something a "Blanchet?" Really? So funny. Their coffee & food was really good though!

I sent your book to you this week, BTW.