Friday, April 16, 2010

House-bound the past 3 days. Trying to get over a nasty viral infection.
Walked around the yard briefly today, trying to get some Vitamin D.

Hope you have a good weekend!


Jennifer said...

Sorry that you're still feeling blah, Jennifer. This might make you feel a little better. It's from a kids' show that aired on NY television in the late 70s and features one of your favorite people performing a song none of us would have ever imagined:
There's also a bit of a Q&A session with some of the kids in the audience. Enjoy, get well soon!

Jocy said...

Sorry. I've been blah too, still fighting the flu. Hope you feel better soon.

Megan Taylor said...

oh no, sorry you are sick! it hasn't seemed to alter your photographic skills, however -- those pics are amazing! very unique and full of curiosity. guess that's what happens when you're cooped up for days! you burst with inspiration! xo

n a t s u m i said...

Oh, sorry.. Hope you feel better soon!

You have a beautiful garden! Let me know when strawberries are ready to pick! I would love to come and help you.. hehe...xo

Jennifer said...

Jen, you made my evening! How great - they didn't dumb things down as much for kids back then. Can you imagine a rock star going on a kids program today and talking about Maria Callas??

Jocy, thanks. Hope you are better, soon,too. Fluids and rest. Fluids and rest.

Megan, you are so thoughtful. Trying to move forward with what makes me smile, and see where it leads!

Natsumi, we had one ripe berry - I went to pick it only to discover it had been consumed by some little critter or birdie...but maybe it was a Natsumi!