Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Corner View: Showing Your True Self (by candlelight)

This week's CV- to choose a favorite theme we posted on from the past year, and re-post upon that theme. I chose Showing Your True Self. All the pictures above are taken (mostly) by candle light- which is supposed to be one of the most flattering types of light- so am I really showing my true self?

First, second photos: Taken in the bar at the Sanderson in London. Lots of (smoke and) mirrors and candle light.

Third: Tomory in a pensive moment at the same bar. Very "him."

Fourth: Tomory at his reception dinner in London. Also very "him." So which is his true self? Both? Neither?

Fifth: Self Portrait by candle light. I think I look pretty good here. Disheveled. But good. When I took this I was trying to channel Mapplethorpe. His intensity. So is this really me?

6th: Also me. On my Birthday last year. Looking quite goofy. Not really a flattering picture. But also a very "me" photo.

If I was being totally honest with this post, I'd show my self as I am right now- coughing like a maniac. Sick! Again. With piles of used tissues all around me.

But that would be gross.

Happy Anniversary CV.

Hooray for Jane for putting it all together!!


Ritva said...

happy anniversary, dear jennifer!

beautiful post :)

likeschocolate said...

Happy CV Anniversary! Thanks for the repost. I had missed this one some how. Have a fantastic week!

jane said...

i want your haircut.:) feel better soon!

janis said...

You are sick again? Oh Jennifer...wish I could brew a magical tea to make you feel better. This has been lingering, hasn't it? Well - your photos are great, and love the idea of candle light. That portrait of you IS a knock out! Yes, you did channeled RM :^)

Feel better soon...xoxo

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary my friend. A great repost. xo

cheryl cambras said...

lovely photos of two of my favorite lovely people.

Angie Muresan said...

OMG! Is that last one taken at Papa Haydn in Portland? I love that restaurant! Best desserts ever!
Love your candlelight photos. Very glamorous!


Daan said...

great post!

and hieperdepiephoera for the first year CV!

CrowNology said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love these. They all are similar and yet feel different...I would say that is indicative of the true you...

Kimmie said...

lovely photos .... happy anniversary :)

Theresa said...

I like #5. Now I feel like I met you. :) Get well soon, and come "hear" my giveaway!

erica said...

love these photos, and your hair, too.

my true self probably has a tired face and banana mash permanently affixed to sweater. hope you feel better soon!

la ninja said...

nice one.
and yup, that'd be gross (and yup, I'm kidding, get well soon, you with the popular haircut :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks everybody, your comments are always appreciated.
I'll try to make it to all your CV posts this weekend. Still under the weather, but slowly getting better.
Nasty, nasty virus going around.

Oh, and thanks for all the comments about my hair (blush)- I've been really hating it lately (I'm impatient for it to grow out).

Angie, yes- that is Papa Haydn. Love Portland. It's a great city.

Erica- you may have mashed banana permanently affixed to your sweater you mentioned- but I'm sure it's extremely stylish! And you and Leon are so cute!

La Ninja: No, it would be gross ;)

Michelle said...

These are great photos of you guys! Cute hair lady, hope you feel better.
Happy annis!

Jeannette said...

Oh so late again! Hope you are feeling better.
Love that self portrait! I like you with disheveled hair. ;)
And hope to see many more of you in the coming Corner Views.