Friday, September 18, 2009

Work Appropriate

Madewell Cardigans. Photos courtesy of Madewell.

Above: Lina Rennell Shifts. Images courtesy of Beklina.

Below: L- Prairie Underground dress (via Beklina)

R- J.Crew Cowl dress. Image courtesy of J.Crew.

Above: L- J. Crew Skirt

R- J. Crew Cardigan
Images via J. Crew.

Above: Photo courtesy of Pamela Love.

So, I'm changing jobs.

I'm leaving inpatient psych, to go to work in an outpatient psych clinic.
I've never worn scrubs as a nurse. In inpatient psychiatric settings, mental health workers traditionally wear "street clothes." Which for me is usually jeans & and a top.

At my new job, the RN's wear street clothes, but we are to look a little more "professional."
Probably no more jeans.

I hate business clothes.

I always feel like I'm wearing a costume.

But on the bright side, I'm going to be on the phone 90% of the time: no more bodily fluids, or take downs. I can actually wear nicer things.

I've tried and tried to wear button down shirts, and there are some beautiful ones out there that I always admire on others (Steven Alan, anyone? Liberty? ) but they are just not for me. Nor khakis, nor slacks.
So I'm trying to find items that are comfortable- dresses and skirts are what I'm left with (and I think I can sneak in some skinny cords and black jeans).
Cardigans, of course, are always a year- round essential for me...and can make a knit shirt look a little dressier.

The last photo is of a cuff bracelet by jewelry designer Pamela Love.

It's not work related.

I'm just obsessed (but if I had it, I'd probably try to wear it to my new job).

I have until the beginning of October to purchase some new work clothes...suggestions?

(...and with that: Happy Weekend!)


Cate said...

really love the little touch of plaid in the second cardigan picture. this part of the world is alive with plaid right now, but i like the pairing with really everyday-run around town items. lovely.

Amber said...

Ugh! I have exactly the same problem where I work. No denim, but neat and semi-professional. I agree, it can feel like a costume. And most button downs either make me feel like a total square, or like I've been sent to the Gulag. I am a big fan of cords, black jeans, and cardigans, and I heavily skirt the rules otherwise. I think you're on the right track with your choices.

By the way, that cuff is amazing! I want one.

Oh! Look at the time...back to the labor camp.

Amber said...

Egads! Only $572.00 for that cuff at Forward (Revolve). Maybe for the other me who lives in that parallel universe? She dresses better than I do, anyway. I still want one. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

thanks for commenting...your blog looks delicious!

Amber- I didn't look at the price of the cuff on purpose. I found it via Garance D's website...I figured it would be scads of $$.
Oh well.

natsumi said...

I love J crew shirt! I am going shopping tomorrow to buy some fall clothes! And I will also get my hair cut !
It's fall! I want to be refreshed..

Good luck with your new job!

Amber said...

Yikes! Sorry, Jennifer. It was love at first sight, I just had to find it somewhere. Worth every penny I'm sure.

craftysunday said...

one of my favorite places for 'work' clothes is boden. they have some nice things that you can mix and match with vintage/other stores; more...staple pieces. comparable to, if not a little cheaper than, j.crew but i think nicer quality and better fit (i am between sizes, so the fit just may be a preference thing).

good luck with your new job!