Wednesday, September 2, 2009

(More) Fall Wishlist

Sorry, guys. Busy work- week and I am still having having my "If I Had a Store" fantasy.

Fall collections do that to me.

Ochre Mohair Cardigan (preppy meets Kurt Cobain!) and Oxblood Patent High Heel shoes
Both ( images courtesy of ) J.Crew.

Photo Credit: C. Vivier.

Above: La Trop by the talented Ms.Vivier. Also digging her Navy Nubuck Messenger Tote!

Below: Coven Jumpsuit c Draugsvold Bling.

Draugsvold Crystal Necklace. All (photos courtesy of &) available via the marvelous UNA.

Last, but certainly not least, Angelina just posted these Virginia Johnson & Rachel Comey items on Beklina.
Ladies (and gents) I don't think I need to explain myself when I say one can never have too many Virginia Johnson shawls.
This one. In Purple. Love.

Above & Below: Photographs courtesy of BEKLINA

This last photograph says it all for me. The knitting, the vintage inspired print, the gorgeous red-tressed model. This is Autumn personified!


Beklina said...

I love the top yellow sweater. It's a perfect yellow. And I UNA's jewelry collection rocks!

kelley said...

i think you've found the perfect cardigan! loving that yellow.

and that last photo is's always nice to see a fellow redhead.

janis said...

Love the hat and red hair too, and I think I'd buy that sweater to channel Kurt even though it's not my color.

You can dream, an in fact, I insist! Daniel and I dream of a gallery/shop of artwork and well made crafts. I make espresso behind the counter for customers that linger ... :)

janis said...

I am sorry but the word verification is "millypit" and I couldn't pass this up and not tell you! Now I need a definition though my mind is moving too slowly at the moment - got any ideas?

Jennifer said...

it's so hot and smokey here, I have millypits. Peeeuuuww.

jane said...

ok now i´m wishing i had a store...:) love the tote!! besos-jane

Anna said...

I, too, love la tropezienne but also love the grey and navy messenger totes. So hard to decide! I think seeing them in person would help.

janis said...

HA! Perfect! That is going to keep me smiling all day ...

erica said...

i agree, no such thing as too many virginia johnson shawls!

i saw that mohair cardigan at the store the other day. not too scratchy for mohair, but i've had a few bad experiences and swore i would stay away from mohair from now on. jcrew always has such solid styling.

natsumi nishizumi said...

I love J crew. yellow sweater. I saw it at the store and I was almost going to buy it but I decided not. It was too big for me...