Friday, September 25, 2009

Blogging Moratorium

Well, Summer has been officially over now for a few days, and Fall is here (at least technically..we are in the midst of another heatwave here in SoCal). My summer was full of sewing, knitting, printing. BBQ-ing. Children. Growing veggies in our garden and eating them.
We sadly only made it to the beach once during the season.

I'm taking a break from my blog to prepare for the opening of my store. And starting my new job. And taking a little break up the Central Coast (hopefully there will be some beach time involved). I may join in the Corner View in the interim...but I may not. Email me if you'd like to chat...I'll still be checking out other people blogs. I'll see you in about a month from now...near the end of October!

** Oh, I know you have all probably seen the "Monster" triangle print before here, & here...I put another shot of it up because I'm super excited about using it on a brown linen dress I'll be adding to the shop!


Cherry B said...

Best of luck on the opening! How exciting!

janis said...

Good to take breaks when you need to... looking forward to your opening in October!

If you come up this way let me know, perhaps the stars will align for a meeting :)

Ritva said...

enjoy your break but come back soon :) - looking forward to your opening too!
ps.i like your dress, great pattern - and the little one is so cute!

at swim-two-birds said...

hi, jennifer, i'm looking forward to your opening! Enjoy your break:)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Renilde, Janis, Ritva, & Cherry B.

I may do the Corner View on Wednesday (because it's Natsumi's theme: White)

I need a little break- but I'll probably be back sooner than I think.

Heather Taylor said...

will miss your posts but fully condone taking big breaks! enjoy your time and good luck with the store opening. xoxo
ps. and go to joan's on third. prepare to freak out.

jane said...

your shop looks amazing! best of luck! besos!

n a t s u m i said...

Your store looks great!! I am looking forward to your opening too! See you in October!