Thursday, September 24, 2009

FO: Slouch Cowl in Oatmeal & New Art Class Smock


New finished objects that will be added to the shop. More images here, and here.
I'm going to be taking a little break soon from blogging so I can get the shop ready to open on 10/31/09. So much to do. At least one more dress style I'm really excited about, one more cowl,
and hopefully I'll have time to make multiples of the Art Class Smock and Constellation Dress.


Amber said...

Beautiful! Is that the orange hammered metal skirt I'm seeing? I want one of those. It goes well with the art class smock.

montmarte said...

your prints are beautiful, jennifer!

Jennifer said...

Yes, 'tis the skirt. I love that burnt orange/ rust color. Thanks, man! are so sweet. I love your prints as well.

Claire said...

I love your top!!! I saw your shop, that's great! Congratulations Jennifer!

erica said...

loving all the prints!

your hair is starting to grow out, are you going to keep it short? i can't decide whether it's finally time to chop mine off. it's hard to make that commitment after having had long hair for nearly 5 years...ugh.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Claire :)

Thanks, Erica- My hair.
Sometimes I lament the fact that I cut it...but when it's 100 degrees outside, like today- I'm glad I did.

I do this funny thing where I look back at past photos...and I always think I look better "back then" as opposed to "now."
My hair is longer because I either haven't had the time or the $ to get it cut & colored. I haven't decided if I'm growing it back out yet.

But, in the future at some point, I'll probably look back on pictures of me with this haircut and think to myself that I looked pretty good with short hair!