Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mociun & Comey Love

Photo credit: via BEKLINA

Above: Photo credits; Mociun
Directly Below: Via BEKLINA

Photo credit: Mociun

I know these are making the blogger rounds, but these are my picks for Mociun F/W 09-10. Would all look great with these Rachel Comey boots! Via the wonderful Beklina and the ever- inspiring Ms.Mociun herself.


erica said...

i really do think you could do that jumpsuit! it looks both comfortable and practical. i don't usually feel this way about jumpsuits and rompers, so i think mociun nailed it.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Erica,
Angelina of Beklina just put a bunch of cute new Fall Rachel Comey stuff up on the site, too- decisions, decisions.

janis said...

Excellent banner! I am so happy we are moving into autumn - and I know you are too :) Time for me to think of a fall-like banner too...hummm.

SOCAL is in my thoughts today - hoping the fires are contained soon. Take care...

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Janis...
oh how I wish it were autumn. Real crisp air, frosty autumn.

It's like hell here in L.A. right now. Thanks for your positive thoughts...we...and certainly the firefighters can use them. They are saying these fires may not be fully contained until 9/15. I cannot imagine.