Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clare Vivier

Above: Photograph courtesy of C. Vivier

I just received my first VIVIER bag in the mail today.
By local Los Angeles artisan Clare Guerrero Vivier.
I say my first, because I know this won't be my last.
This is her messenger bag in a deep inky blue nubuck.
While I was shooting, I noticed that the seed pod/ fruit from this cactus had turned a similar shade as the bag.

The bag is beautiful. Perfect for transporting items to and from my new nursing job (out-patient clinic-yay!).

Thank-you Clare!


erica said...

gorgeous bag, is it heavy? i've been looking for a bag for my mom, but she has shoulder pain and can't carry heavy leather bags anymore.

Jennifer said...

No- This one is super light weight.

I understand about the heavy bag thing. When I graduated from nursing school, Tomory bought me a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. It's beautiful, and I still love it, but, it weighs 3 lbs without anything in it!

Heather Taylor said...

so gorgeous! looks perfect for you.

bb said...

i want it!!! i'm thinking to get one in purple.