Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting There

Pictured above: Another Slouch Cowl- this time in Oatmeal (WIP) and FO- The "Art Class Smock" in Denim Blue colored shot cotton, printed with the "Etoile" print in Rust & Black. I so much wanted to put a shirt tail hem on this with gussets- but my skills just aren't there yet. Maybe for the next collection. It's more important for me to get the store up & running. My self-imposed deadline for the store opening is around 10/31/09 Halloween (right around my 1 year anniversary for this blog) .

You can take a peek at the shop here.

Hopefully between now and 10/31 I'll have the time to:
a. Have more than 1 of each item for sale
b. Possibly offer international shipping
c. Go up the Central Coast and shoot some of the clothing there
d. This one for sure: Finalize the pricing. I'm not sure about the prices yet. Too high? Too low? So hard to decide...I welcome any (constructive) feedback !

**I meant to add, too- I've done some virtual fall cleaning and deleted/ moved links on my side- bars. If I deleted your link- don't worry- I'm now just "following" your blog via Blogger...it's a lot easier for me to keep track of updates that way!


janis said...

Ms. Jennifer, YOUR SHOP LOOKS GREAT! LOVE the colors and the whole look. You've really been working hard and it shows in the details... wonderful... and Congratulations!!!

UNIFORM Studio said...

it all looks wonderful -congratulations!

Michelle said...

Oh that hair! And...congrats sistah!

Jennifer said...

Janis, Martha, Michelle- thank you!

I still want to re-shoot some of the clothes, in a different setting, showing less of my face.

I am happy with the colors...and I was trying to compose a cohesive look.

My hair is a bit cuh-razy right now...I feel I look like Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There." ha!

janis said...

Jennifer - your hair looks great - don't go changin'... (unless you have to of course :)