Monday, August 31, 2009

Night Bloomer & Mina Winner

Gotcha. The night blooming cactus bloomed tonight. I missed the last bloom. Does anyone know what type of cactus this is? It's not a Night Blooming Cereus, but it's similar in that it's blooms resemble that variety physically, and like the Cereus, the blooms last only one night.
These photographs are especially for those of you who did not win the Mina Perhonen Catalog.

Katie from L.A. won!!

Please send me your snail mail address via my email, located under my profile.
Thanks for commenting, everyone...haven't made it through everyone's designer suggestions yet, but I will!


Mae said...

How magical! I glad you caught this one.
xo Mae

Ritva said...

i didn´t even read what you have written,


Ritva said...

jennifer, i loooove you!

trinsch said...

stunning and amazing! these photos are unreal.

Claire said...

Cactus are my favourite plants! And with flower, perfect!

at swim-two-birds said...

what a magical event! we don't have such giants here, only in very exclusive shops.
if you will have the patience, there will be a webshop soon.

Jennifer said...

Renilde, I am a very patient person, and my wallet thanks you :)

How exciting that you are opening a web-shop! Maybe we will have a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony at the same time!

Thank-you thank-you Ritva , Trinsch, Mae & Claire.

Heather Taylor said...

oh my lord how gorgeous! i have already told alex that for my bday (in december) i want a night blooming cactus! so fab.

Jennifer said...

I love that you are asking for a cactus for your B-day.
Are you a Sag or a Capricorn?

Let me know if you find out what variety this is! We lucked came with the house :)